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A visual index method provides graphical output from search engine results or other URL lists. Search engine results or a list of URLs are passed to a web crawler that retrieves the web page and other media information present at the associated URL. The web crawler then passes this information to a ...

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A host node is provided with an I/O port and a display monitor. The I/O port transmits packets to a specific one of the remotely accessible server nodes containing a request for information. In response, the I/O port receives packets containing requested information, entries describing other topics ...

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An electrical connector assembly (10) includes an insulating housing (12) and assembled thereto a plurality of terminal modules (30) and electrically conductive shields (60) therebetween. Each terminal module (30) includes an alternating pattern of first and second contacts (42,44), the intermediate ...

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The present invention provides a system and method relating to the operation of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles powered both by electricity from rechargeable batteries and by consumable fuel powered means, such as an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell. More particularly, the system and metho ...

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In a hard disk drive, a semiconductor chip includes a circuit used in a built-in self test (“BIST”) to determine an amplitude of a dibit echo for characterizing nonlinear distortion of a readback signal. Preferably, write precompensation is performed based on results of the BIST to minimize distorti ...

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An implanted blood pump system is described wherein power for driving the pump is provided by a transcutaneous transformer having an external primary winding and an implanted secondary winding. Control of the driving voltage to the pump is provided by an implanted shunt regulator. Voltage applied to ...

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A disk drive has a normal mode of operation and a built-in self-test (BIST) mode of operation for producing a sequence of channel metrics {&Ggr;

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The present invention is directed toward the resumption of a journaling process in a data management appliance after a period of unavailability. The data management appliance is a random-access storage system that at the logical block level replicates the contents of a primary storage system over ti ...

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A display interface system for computer controlled displays including a window in a display screen, for the display of visible data; a set of selectable items in the portion of said display screen; an implementation for varying the area of the display screen portion; and for varying the comprehensiv ...

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An input device for a computer system having a central processing unit mounted in a central enclosure comprising a keyboard and touchpad mounted in a hinged bivalve enclosure. The input device is tethered to the central enclosure by a conductive tether.