James L Armentrout, George H Schneider: Sterile container. Charles H Schwartz, November 7, 1978: US04124141 (98 worldwide citation)

A sterile container, including a container body having an open end for receiving an item to be maintained in a sterile environment and with the container body including a flange portion extending around the entire container body at the open end, a sealing cavity formed within the flange portion of t ...

James L Armentrout, George H Schneider: Devious path bacterial barrier. Charles H Schwartz, Ellsworth R Roston, October 27, 1981: US04296862 (13 worldwide citation)

A devious path bacterial barrier for providing an air/gas pathway to a sterile environment from an external environment, including a flat member lying within a plane and having spaced openings extending into the flat member and with one of the openings for communicating with the exterior environment ...