James Henry Steenson Jr, Burl Amsbury: Apparatus and method for a pitch state estimator for a personal vehicle. Deka Products Partnership, Bromberg & Sunstein, December 18, 2001: US06332103 (78 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for a pitch state estimator is provided. The pitch state estimator generates a pitch state signal for establishing the orientation used in the control of a ground-traversing vehicle. The vehicle has a support for supporting a load which is preferably a human passenger. In one ...

Dean L Kamen, Robert R Ambrogi, Burl Amsbury, Susan D Dastous, Robert J Duggan, John David Heinzmann, Richard Kurt Heinzmann, David W Herr, John M Kerwin, John B Morrell, James Henry Steenson Jr: Control system and method. DEKA Research and Development Corporation, Wolf Greenfield and Sacks P C, June 3, 2003: US06571892 (61 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for controlling a device are disclosed. In one embodiment, the systems and methods allow for the control of a human transport device such that the human transport device remains in an upright position regardless of the surface being traversed. The systems and methods may include ...