Bob Ware
James H Beech Jr, Roland B Saeger, Robert A Ware: Skeletal isomerization of n-pentenes using ZSM-35 in the presence of hydrogen. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Dennis P Santini, Laurence P Hobbes, January 17, 1995: US05382743 (28 worldwide citation)

A method for conversion of linear C5 olefins in the presence of contaminant diolefins to corresponding iso-olefins of the same carbon number which comprises contacting a linear C5 olefin-containing organic feedstock with a catalyst comprising material having the structure of ZSM-35 under skeletal is ...

Bob Ware
James H Beech Jr, Weldon K Bell, W Thomas Mo, Hye Kyung C Timken, Robert A Ware: Olefin conversion catalyst regeneration. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Malcolm D Keen, Jessica M Sinnott, April 11, 1995: US05405814 (15 worldwide citation)

An olefin hydration catalyst is regenerated with a non-oxidizing light gas, such as hydrogen. Light olefins, especially propylene, are converted to a mixture of alcohol(s), such as isopropanol (IPA) and ether(s), such as diisopropylether (DIPE) by contacting a feed containing the olefin with water a ...

Bob Ware
James H Beech Jr, Charles M Sorensen, James A Stoos, Robert A Ware: Process for starting up an olefin hydration reactor. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Malcolm D Keen, L Gene Wise, February 22, 1994: US05288924 (8 worldwide citation)

A method for starting up a fixed bed propylene hydration reactor containing shape selective metallosilicate catalyst particles for the production of isopropanol and/or diisopropyl ether is disclosed comprising the following sequential steps: contacting a feedstream comprising propane with catalyst p ...


James H Beech Jr, Hartley Owen, Michael P Ramage, Samuel A Tabak: Production of middle distillate range hydrocarbons by light olefin upgrading. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Michael G Gilman, L G Wise, January 19, 1988: US04720600 (59 worldwide citation)

An oligomerization process is provided for upgrading lower olefins to distillate hydrocarbons, especially useful as high quality jet or diesel fuels. The olefinic feedstock is reacted over a shape selective acid zeolite, such as ZSM-5, to oligomerize feedstock olefins and further convert recycled hy ...

James H Beech Jr, James R Lattner, Nicolas P Coute, Jeff S Smith: Process for removing solid particles from a gas-solids flow. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, December 18, 2007: US07309383 (44 worldwide citation)

Catalyst losses are prevented in riser reactor systems by using a low inlet velocity for the first cyclone separator in each multi-stage cyclone separator in the reactor. Catalyst particles not separated from the product output flow in an oxygenate-to-olefin reactor are also recaptured by cooling th ...

James H Beech Jr, Stuart Damon Hellring, Terry Eugene Helton, Timothy Frederick Kinn, Sadi Mizrahi, Norman J Rouleau: Process for converting C.sub.9 + aromatic hydrocarbons to lighter aromatic products by transalkylation in the prescence of two zeolite-containing catalysts. Mobile Oil Corporation, Peter W Roberts, Malcolm D Keen, August 24, 1999: US05942651 (36 worldwide citation)

A process for converting a heavy aromatics feed to lighter aromatic products, such as benzene and xylene, by reacting C.sub.9+ aromatic hydrocarbons and toluene or benzene under transalkylation reaction conditions, over a first catalyst composition including a zeolite having a constraint index rangi ...

James H Beech Jr, Nicolas P Coute, Jeffrey S Smith, Michael Peter Nicoletti: Fluidizing a population of catalyst particles having a low catalyst fines content. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, Kevin M Faulkner, January 17, 2012: US08097216 (22 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus for fluidizing a population of catalyst particles having a low catalyst fines content includes a fluidized bed reactor which includes a plurality of catalyst particles in the reactor wherein the catalyst particles having a d2 value of greater than about 40 microns. The cataly ...

James H Beech Jr, Francis P Ragonese, James A Stoos, Sergei Yurchak: Process for upgrading light olefinic streams. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Richard D Stone, November 27, 1990: US04973790 (20 worldwide citation)

A process for oligomerizing C2 to C10 olefins obtained by catalytic cracking of heavy crude oil is disclosed. The olefins are oligomerized in the presence of added hydrogen over a shape selective zeolite to gasoline and distillate products. Feed pretreatment, to remove basic nitrogen compounds prese ...

Cor F van Egmond, James H Beech Jr, Hans A Klemm, Kyle Castaldy: Heat recovery technique for catalyst regenerator flue gas. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, July 29, 2008: US07404891 (11 worldwide citation)

A technique for recovering heat from a high temperature effluent stream from catalyst regeneration or the like, comprising processes and means for: (a) passing the effluent stream in heat exchange relationship in a steam generator with boiler feed water to produce high pressure steam and partially c ...