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Pipe-line architecture is employed for analyzing in delayed real time the frequency spectrum of an information component (having one or more dimensions) of a given temporal signal having a highest frequency of interest of no greater than f.sub.0, and/or for synthesizing in delayed real time such a t ...

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Method and apparatus for a multi-application, laser-array-based image system utilizes three linear laser arrays. Each linear array generates multiple (N>1) parallel output beamlets at one of the three primary colors (red, green, blue). The corresponding 1 to N output beamlets of the three linear arr ...

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An image signal processing system DPCM encodes the signal, then Huffman and run length encodes the signal to produce variable length code words, which are then tightly packed without gaps for efficient transmission without loss of any data. The tightly packing apparatus has a barrel shifter with its ...

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By staggering the phases of the decimations of the subbands in a quadrature mirror filter bank odd-tap kernels may be usefully employed.

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A display processor using first and second chrominance map memories for storing values of first and second color-difference signals, each normalized respective to luminance signal. An image memory supplies, at pixel scan rate, data used to provide read-addresses to said first and second chrominance ...

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A digital resampler comprises a combination of first means and second means. The first means, which includes interpolation filter means, is responsive to the digital-signal sample values of an input sample stream for producing a first derived sample stream of digital-signal sample values in which th ...

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The amount of hardware required to implement a Burt Pyramid or an FSD (filter-subtract-decimate) pyramid analyzer (or synthesizer) stage of a sampled temporal signal representing an n-dimensional information component or (such as a video signal) is substantially reduced by employing a time-synchroni ...

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Reduction of storage capacity required by one dimensional digital filter/decimator and/or expander/interpolation filter for spatially filtering that given dimension of a scanned two-dimensional image, represented by a temporal video signal, which is orthogonal to raster scan lines. Such filter devic ...

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The number of bits per digital sample that is required to be stored in each of one or more delay means of an input-weighted multitap digital filter is reduced with respect to that required by the prior art. The savings in storage hardware becomes more and more significant as the number of samples st ...

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Filtering apparatus responsive to a sequence of samples of an input signal that is digitally-sampled at a given frequency, wherein the input signal defines information having at least one dimension. The apparatus includes first resampler for resampling the input-signal to derive a first signal at a ...