James George Kelley, Todd Jay Rockstroh: Gas turbine engine component with compound cooling holes and method for making the same. General Electric Company, Andrew C Hess, Nathan D Herkamp, November 4, 1997: US05683600 (44 worldwide citation)

A gas turbine engine component includes a wall portion with at least one compound cooling hole formed therein between an external surface of the component and an interior plenum. The at least one compound cooling hole includes a non-circular diffuser opening formed by a laser beam with a non-circula ...

Thomas Edwin Anderson, Gail Robert Dearth, James George Kelley: Laser intensity redistribution. General Electric Company, Andrew C Hess, Nathan D Herkamp, April 14, 1998: US05739502 (19 worldwide citation)

A laser beam is shaped by eclisping it with a mask of desired shape. The shaped beam is used to drill a hole corresponding to the shape of the beam.

Seetharamaiah Mannava, Todd Jay Rockstroh, James George Kelley: Laser shock peening using low energy laser. General Electric Co, cao yonglai, September 8, 1999: CN98125391

Provided is a laser shock peening method of the metallic parts. The laser beam of low output of about 3-7 Joule to be repeatedly pulsed for a relatively constant period is continuously emitted to a part of an object to evaporate a material of the emitted part. The surface material is evaporated with ...