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An EAS (electronic article surveillance) system and tag of type responsive to incident energy comprising EAS messages and other messages related to pricing and identification of articles includes circuitry for response to such EAS messages and for the receipt, storage and issuance of such pricing an ...

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Alarm tags releasably attachable to articles to be monitored in a retail installation or the like have enhanced operational capabilities giving rise to an improved likelihood of detection of article theft. The system has a transmitter unit which radiates signals containing diverse message contents. ...

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A wraparound enclosure has two sections, joined by a hinged strap member, which telescopingly engage when applied around an article to form a right rectangular parallelepiped. A microwave detectable tag is secured on the interior to one wall of the enclosure. The sections are interlocked in the clos ...

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An electronic digital compass utilizes an amorphous magnetostrictive wire 100 exhibiting reentrant behavior as a core. A sense wiring 104 is wrapped about the core and the core is driven with a triangular wave through a drive coil 102. The earth's magnetic field biases the core 100 such that when th ...

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A floor mat consisting of a conductive grid laminated to a conductive sheet with a layer of dielectric material therebetween to form a capacitor is disposed between the pedestals that house means for radiating a microwave signal through a surveillance area. A low frequency signal is applied to the c ...

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The monitor has means for automatically initiating a counter which displays accumulated bottom time and surface interval and means for preventing resetting until a safe surface interval has elapsed.