James Fitch, David L Hose, Michael McKnight: Multiple input data management for wireless location-based applications. Signal Soft Corporation, Marsh Fischmann & Breyfogle, November 20, 2001: US06321092 (468 worldwide citation)

Multiple location finding equipment (LFE) inputs are used to enhance the location information made available to wireless location-based applications. In one implementation, the invention is implemented in a wireless network including an MSC (

Kevin Buckham, Tony Melli, James Fitch: Providing graphical location information for mobile resources using a data-enabled network. OpenWave Systems, Marsh Fischmann & Breyfogle, December 9, 2003: US06662016 (230 worldwide citation)

The inventive system relates to applications for providing graphical display information regarding mobile resources. In the illustrated embodiment, the system (

Cunningham Clifton Dale, Mckinnon James Fitch, Howard James Jeffery, Koesters James Paul, Leenhouts Michael Alan, Moore Eric Dewayne, Keller Michael Allen: Part measurement and verification with a hand holdable information processor. Northrop Grumman, January 10, 2001: EP1067359-A1

The system comprises a set of design criteria specifying a part (102) and a fixture (104) with gauge blocks (106) for positioning the part, where each of the gauge blocks represents a known position. At least one probe (108) is operable to measure the scalar values of the part and the gauge blocks. ...

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