James W Ashmead, Charles T Blaisdell, Melvin H Johnson, Jack K Nyquist, Joseph A Perrotto, James F Ryley Jr: Integrated chemical processing apparatus and processes for the preparation thereof. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, July 9, 1996: US05534328 (209 worldwide citation)

An integral structure is provided for chemical processing and manufacture, in which a plurality of laminae are joined together and having inlet and outlet ports connected by a three dimensionally tortuous channel. Chemicals are introduced through the inlet ports and processed along the channel, with ...

James F Ryley Jr: Optical fiber connectors with automatic supply of index matching fluid and reservoirs for same. TRW, Neuman Williams Anderson & Olson, May 15, 1984: US04448483 (21 worldwide citation)

A reservoir for supplying index matching liquid to an optical fiber connection is provided employing capillary action as the means for feeding such fluid to the site of the optical fiber end engagement. The reservoir supplies index matching fluid for use in the course of a large number of connect/di ...

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