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The compound intraocular lens ("CIOL") of the present invention includes a preexisting lens within the eye (which can be either of the crystalline lens of the eye, a conventional IOL or a base lens of a multi-component IOL) used as a platform for support (i.e., the "support lens") a cap situated on ...

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Multi-layered contact lens element for at least one of examination and treatment of ocular tissues. The multi-layered contact lens element includes a plurality of lens elements in layers including a first lens element having a recess capable of holding a volume of liquid against a cornea of an eye t ...

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A light source includes a substrate arranged into at least two facing surfaces which form a seam therebetween; and a lighting device with light emitting diode (LED) chips embedded therein in a linear arrangement. The LED chips generate light photons. The lighting device has a first edge and a second ...

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A portion of the exhaust generated by a turbomachine is recirculated through an inlet portion by an exhaust gas recirculation system. The system reduces the level of harmful constituents within the exhaust before the exhaust is recirculated.

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A specially designed and attached anti-wind lift airfoil also acts to reduce wiper chatter in several ways. The foil is fixed to and runs along side the blade support, bracing and stiffening it. In addition, masses molded inside the foil, plus its own mass, increase the total mass and moment of iner ...

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An improved plastic composite pipe structure includes an outer corrugated pipe, an inner smooth-walled liner, and joining means including a bell fitting at one end of the liner extending beyond the outer corrugated pipe and a spigot fitting at the other end. The corrugations of the outer pipe at the ...

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A resilient gasket adapter to form a tight seal between pipes, said gasket having a plurality of projections which interact with cooperating pipe structure to retain the gasket in position as pipes are joined. This gasket overcomes the problem of fishmouthing, a situation in which a gasket is pushed ...

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A charge air cooling assembly in which water pressurized by air at reduced pressure from the air brake system of a vehicle powered by a two or four cycle Diesel engine is discharged intermittently as a spray into the intake or discharge of a turbo-compressor, in response to the demand pressure on th ...

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A modular envelope feed mechanism which may be used with a cut sheet feeder attachment for high speed printers or the like is disclosed. Envelopes are more reliably fed and separated because they are urged toward a pair of separators at the separation station with uniform force by a pressure plate c ...

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A dispensing container for liquid wherein the total of all of the internal forces operating on the liquid and tending to cause it to flow from a passageway in the container is overcome when the container is at rest by the total external forces acting upon the container, but wherein the total interna ...