Wallace O Bailey, James E Moroney: Fillable tank with filler pipe retainer. Ford Motor Company, Peter D McDermott, Roger L May, July 26, 1988: US04759459 (18 worldwide citation)

A fillable tank is disclosed, which tank is adapted to cooperate with a filler pipe for conveying material into the tank. The tank comprises a tank wall and a filler pipe seat defining an opening through the tank wall, which opening is adapted to receive the filler pipe. The filler pipe seat compris ...

Patrick M Glance, James E Moroney, Peter M Ross Jr: Vehicle body and bumper assembly. Ford Motor Company, John J Roethel, Keith L Zerschling, February 10, 1976: US03937508 (13 worldwide citation)

A vehicle body and bumper assembly comprising a vehicle body having rigid side panels. A vehicle bumper is supported by an energy absorber in spaced relationship to the vehicle body for movement longitudinally of the latter upon impact. The bumper extends across the width of the body and has curved ...