Robert F Cobaugh, James E Lynch, Attalee S Taylor: Trifurcated card edge terminal. AMP Incorporated, Gerald K Kita, September 8, 1981: US04288139 (136 worldwide citation)

A card edge terminal is provided with a longitudinally trifurcated portion defining a resilient beam which presses against a circuit card and provides a wiping action of its contact surface along the card. The wiping action will tend to clean away debris and contaminants.

James E Lynch, David B Ford: Active counterbalance for a power swivel during well drilling. National Oilwell, R J Bunyard, R H Johnson, L A Fillnow, March 21, 1989: US04813498 (12 worldwide citation)

An active counterbalance for suspending a power swivel from a traveling block. The power swivel includes a motor drive assembly for rotating a drill string and a handling system for supporting a drill pipe. The counterbalance includes a motor which provides means for biasing the load capacity of the ...

James E Lynch: Support system for a top driven drilling unit. National Oilwell, R J Bunyard, R H Johnson, L A Fillnow, March 7, 1989: US04809792 (10 worldwide citation)

A top driven driling unit including a motor drive assembly for rotating a drill string and a handling system for supporting the drill string. The motor drive assembly includes a drill motor, a swivel bearing for supporting the load of the drill string during drilling and a sub assembly for connectin ...

James E Lynch: Electrical terminal with cavity compensator. AMP Incorporated, Allan B Osborne, February 7, 1984: US04429459 (9 worldwide citation)

A compliant terminal pin for use in electrical connectors for housings or circuit boards and the like which is press fitted into position and is retained in the connector housing, printed circuit board or the like by means of a friction fit. The terminal includes a rigid post at one end and a resili ...

James E Lynch: Substrate recessed receptacle. AMP Incorporated, Gerald K Kita, October 23, 1979: US04171856 (4 worldwide citation)

A post receiving receptacle having its blank form resemble a cross has a bottom surface with a pair of bowed contact arms bent upwardly from said bottom surface and facing each other to receive a terminal post therebetween. The top ends of the two contacts form a flared opening to facilitate post en ...

James E Lynch: Pressure-sensitive variable-resistance hygroscopic fluid detector, and method. Imaging & Sensing Technology Corporation, Phillips Lytle Hitchcock Blaine & Huber, September 5, 1995: US05448603 (2 worldwide citation)

A fluid detector (20) has an enclosure (32) defining an internal chamber (33). The enclosure has a frangible wall portion (34). A sensor (46) is arranged within the chamber. The sensor has a hygroscopic portion (48), the electrical resistance of which changes depending upon whether the sensor portio ...

David B Ford, James E Lynch, Leroy R Rateike: Spring actuated power swivel support rollers. National Oilwell, R J Bunyard, L A Fillnow, R H Johnson, October 31, 1989: US04877093 (1 worldwide citation)

A spring actuated guide system for a top driven drilling machine. Rollers for guiding the drilling machine are mounted onto springs which urge the rollers into contact with support surfaces on parallel tracks within a derrick. If the tracks become misaligned, the springs allow for the misalignment w ...

James E Lynch: Replaceable suspension assembly and method of attachment. Mirion Technologies, Ladas & Parry, April 15, 2014: US08695946

An apparatus comprising a receptacle defining therethrough a central bore and a pair of opposed slots extending from the central bore. The apparatus has a support surface surrounding in part the central bore and slots. The appartus further has a stud assembly comprising a stud and an engagement pin ...

James E Lynch: Water treatment for water injection plasma arc cutting apparatus. Buell Ziesenheim Beck & Alstadt, March 10, 1987: US04649258

The service life of torches used for water injection plasma arc cutting and like water cooled devices is increased by treating cooling and injection water of high dissolved solids content so as to lower the dissolved solids content of the water until its Ryznar Stability Index is in the range of abo ...

James E Lynch: Ice cream cone drip guard. Summa & Allan Pa, May 20, 2004: US20040096553-A1

The invention is a cone drip guard formed from a flat sheet of material, or “blank”. The drip guard has an inner edge and an outer edge defining a hole in the blank through which an ice cream cone may be received. Finger-like projections known as “cone-gripping tabs” extend around the hole in the bl ...