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A sprout growing system utilizing open, wide-mouth, screened jars which receive sprout seeds and water. A support is provided having spaces to receive the jars. The jars are maintained with their mouth ends at a lower elevation than their closed ends to facilitate drainage and thereby inhibit spoila ...

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Apparatus for supporting humans in a vertical head-down position, including apparatus for climbing into position.

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A laminated printed shrinkable film comprising at least a first unprinted shrinkable film laminated to a second printed shrinkable film. Preferably each said shrinkable film is shrinkable at a temperature no higher than 100.degree. C. The laminated printed film can be in the form of tubing suitable ...

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A positive action gate clip comprising a frame having at least two parallel opposing sections, at least one section being discontinuous so as to provide a lower section and an upper section with a gap thereinbetween, a rod-like gate element, and means for retracting the gate element into the frame, ...

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An epoxy resin composition for a cured material, comprising (A) an epoxy resin comprising an epoxy compound X, the epoxy compound X has an epoxy equivalent weight of at least 400, (B) a curing agent, and (C) a liquid rubber that is liquid at room temperature and comprises a reactive group; wherein t ...

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An immunoassay for cellular proteins which may be present as contaminants in a product purified from mammalian cell culture. Since mammalian cell culture requires the use of protein-containing media, the assay must be specific in recognizing cellular proteins but not media proteins. This is accompli ...

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Disclosed are bupivacaine transdermal delivery systems, and related methods.