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Apparatus for handling hospital patients or other persons who are disabled or infirm facilitates lifting into and out of a bath while firmly supported in a sitting position. The apparatus comprises lifting mechanism including a lifting arm which projects from a lifting column. A patient support memb ...


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The striker piston of a hydraulic impacting implement, such as a road breaker, has first and second effective piston areas presented respectively to first and second chambers in a casing. The first piston area is greater than the second piston area and the striker piston has a free end which project ...

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The invention relates to apparatus for handling hospital patients or other persons who are disabled or infirm.The apparatus comprises a lifting arm having a free end portion movable with respect to the remainder of the arm to either of two operative positions. In one operative position the arm is ad ...

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A method of lifting a patient from a seated to a generally standing position, e.g. for toileting, employs a hoist comprising a support column 2 mounted on a mobile chassis 3. A pivotal lifting arm arrangement 11 projects from the column 2 and presents laterally spaced attachment points 13 for a padd ...


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911,534. Printing on ceramic ware. MURRAY CURVEX PRINTING Ltd. Dec. 4, 1958 [Nov. 14, 1958], No. 36791/58. Divided out of 909,716. Class 100 (2). An offset printing machine, e.g. for ceramic ware comprises two offset printing members, a support for an intaglio plate and doctor means for an intaglio ...



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A bathing device comprises a support structure 1 which in use rests on the bottom of a bath tub 6, and a support seat 4 for the user. The support structure 1 has a base section 2 which rests on the bottom of the bath tub 6 for support forwardly of the centre of gravity of a user when supported on th ...