Michael F Guheen, James D Mitchell, James J Barrese: Business alliance identification in a web architecture. Accenture, Merchant & Gould PC, June 3, 2004: US20040107125-A1

A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for identifying alliances among a plurality of business entities in components of a network framework. First, alliances are identified among a plurality of business entities in terms of components of a current network framework. Next, a pictor ...

James D Mitchell: Auxiliary hydraulic system. James D Mitchell Jr, February 22, 2007: US20070039303-A1

An auxiliary hydraulic system for zero turn radius lawnmowers or lawn tractors that is used to power attachments that require a rotating shaft for their power source. The attachments perform task other than just the cutting of the vegetation that the base unit passes over, such as trimming, edging, ...

James D Mitchell: Continuous feed string trimmer. James D Mitchell Jr, October 5, 2006: US20060218797-A1

A continuous feed line trimmer in which the spool or container of reserve cutting line is mounted independently from the trimmer. The trimmer having a set of gears or rollers that pull the cutting line from the spool or container forcing it through a hollow tube then through a hollow rotating shaft ...