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The invention relates to a bleaching composition containing an oxidant bleach and enzyme granules, in which enzyme stability is prolonged without undue loss of solubility despite intimate contact of said enzyme granules with said oxidant bleach. In the invention, an oxidant is selected from the grou ...

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Nitrile activators, such as N-alkyl ammonium acetonitrile activators, are combined with a source of active oxygen as cleaning and bleaching compositions. Preferred activator embodiments of the invention include salts of N-methyl morpholinium acetonitrile, N-butyl morpholinium acetonitrile, N-hexyl m ...

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An attachment for a lawn maintenance vehicle includes a trimming apparatus. The attachment allows vertical and horizontal movement of the trimming apparatus such that lawn areas which are not accessible to the lawn maintenance vehicle's cutting apparatus can be trimmed easily.

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A trimmer head for a line trimmer includes an automatic line feeding mechanism. The trimmer head accepts a spool of cutting line and spins extended line to trim, for example, unwanted vegetation in lawns. Upon actuation of the automatic line feeding mechanism, damaged or broken cutting line is repla ...

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A system is provided for preventing a push-pull circuit breaker from being inadvertently depressed. The system may include a clip member having a generally C-shaped collar defining a cylindrical recess therein. The clip member is configured to resiliently expand to be positioned over and receive a c ...