James C Wingo Jr, Nelson Kraemer: Protective helmet and liner. Riddell, Ben D Tobor, July 30, 1991: US05035009 (108 worldwide citation)

A protective helmet and liner therefor includes a sheet of sound deadening material which fits between impact force absorbing pad structures disposed on the interior of the protective helmet.

James C Wingo Jr: Shock absorbing pad structure for athletic equipment. Riddell, Ben D Tobor, January 22, 1991: US04985931 (66 worldwide citation)

A shock absorbing pad structure for athletic equipment, such as shoulder pads, has a foam member, having an undulated configuration formed by a plurality of elevations and dperessions, arranged in a staggered relationship with respect to one another, disposed within a flexible, substantially air imp ...

James C Wingo Jr: Football shoulder pad. Riddell, Ben D Tobor, July 9, 1991: US05029341 (58 worldwide citation)

A shoulder pad for a football player, includes a rib protector pad body disposed adjacent to the body arch members and releasably connected to the pad body disposed beneath the body arch members of the shoulder pad.

James C Wingo Jr: Athletic shock absorbing pad. Riddell, Ben D Tobor, May 22, 1990: US04926503 (37 worldwide citation)

An athletic shock absorbing pad structure includes a flexible open-celled foam member disposed in a flexible enclosure and the flexible open-celled foam member comprises two layers of open-celled foam, the density of the layers of open-celled foam being different from one another.

James C Wingo Jr: Cantilever strap for football shoulder pads. Riddell, Ben D Tobor, October 10, 1989: US04872216 (26 worldwide citation)

A cantilever strap for a shoulder pad for a football player has a central portion which overlies the acromioclavicular area of the shoulder of the football player, and has a width which is substantially greater than two inches.