Alvin M Kong, James C Lau, Steven S Chan: Mass simultaneous sealing and electrical connection of electronic devices. TRW, September 5, 1995: US05448014 (124 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a new and effective method for the sealing and electrical testing of electronic devices; and particularly for surface acoustic wave devices. In accordance with the present invention, the cost and size of making hermetically sealed packages for electronic devices and of ...

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An electrical testing device is provided for testing integrated circuits located on a wafer. The testing device employs a multi-layer test circuit having a plurality of contacts for contacting the integrated circuits on a wafer. The layers of the test circuit are embedded in a flexible, supportive d ...

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This invention discloses a method of fabricating a plurality of diamond semiconductor wafers from a single crystal diamond semiconductor boule, where the diamond boule is grown by a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Initially, a single crystal diamond seed is polished and an impurity layer is ...

James C Lau, Maurice Lowery, Kenneth Lui: Focused ion beam for thin film resistor trim on aluminum nitride substrates. TRW, Ronald L Taylor, November 30, 1993: US05266529 (10 worldwide citation)

A method for trimming thin film resistors. A focused inert ion beam is employed to selectively remove portions of a resistive film deposited on a substrate.

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The invention relates to a method for producing low cost integrated microwave assemblies, where a photoresist layer is deposited onto a substrate, a portion of the photoresist is selectively removed, a first conductive layer is applied, and, a second portion of the photoresist is removed leaving iso ...

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An integrated waveguide/stripline signal transition structure and method for fabricating the same are provided for allowing high frequency signal transitions. The signal transition structure includes a waveguide which has a conductive cavity for guiding electromagnetic waves therethrough. A first co ...

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Fault tolerance is incorporated within the integral electric heaters of a reworkable electronic semiconductor component, such as a reworkable multi-chip module, to increase production yield and longevity of the rework feature. Components of the foregoing kind contain a multi-layer substrate to bond ...

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An electric motor has a can-like casing and an end cap. Brushgear is mounted on a frame prior to insertion into the motor. The frame holds the brushes of the brush gear away from a commutator of the motor by means of resilient arms which engage the brush gear. As the frame is inserted into the motor ...

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A resealable gas concentration sensor for determining the concentration of a particular gas within a gaseous environment. The sensor is constructed of a housing and a cap. The cap is adapted to be temporarily coupled with the housing while in the environment to define a sealed sample chamber, thereb ...

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An optical packaging assembly (10) for securing an optical fiber (12) to a heater substrate (30) in optical alignment with an opto-electronic device (14). The opto-electronic device (14) is secured to a device substrate (18) in the packaging assembly (10). The heater substrate (30) includes a conduc ...