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An electrical testing device is provided for testing integrated circuits located on a wafer. The testing device employs a multi-layer test circuit having a plurality of contacts for contacting the integrated circuits on a wafer. The layers of the test circuit are embedded in a flexible transparent d ...

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An apparatus for mounting a waveguide window or conduction member into a housing such that a smooth gradient of the coefficient of thermal expansion exists between the housing and the window or conduction member, thereby reducing the internal stress which results from ambient temperature variations. ...

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A folding, pedal-driven vehicle having a universal joint transmission system is provided. A human-powered ground vehicle having a motive power input assembly that includes foot pedals to drive a front-wheel of the vehicle through a universal joint drive gear system is also provided. Folding, recumbe ...

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Apparatus and methods are disclosed for a human-powered vehicle. The vehicle can be a two-wheel, recumbent-style vehicle. The vehicle can be readily disassembled for ease of transport.

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This invention discloses a front wheel steering, front wheel drive, light weight, foldable, ground transportation vehicle. The disclosed vehicle is constructed for convenient manual transformation between a deployed operating configuration, for transporting one or more passengers, and a compactly fo ...

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A connector is disclosed for electrically coupling groups of contact points formed on a first and second electronic circuit chip. The connector is constructed by applying a layer of dielectric material to a planar electrically conductive base, lithographically printing a pattern onto the dielectric ...

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A field effect transistor with a double sided airbridge comprises a substrate containing a conductive region and source, drain and gate electrodes disposed on the substrate. The gate electrode has a finger portion with a first end secured to the substrate between the source and drain electrodes and ...