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A cassette for ribbon for a printer, particularly a thermal printer, is disclosed. The cassette is configured to be stably mounted to a print carriage of a thermal printer, or to a storage turret mounted to the printer for storing a number of cassettes, and to be transferred by a passive transfer sy ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for use with printers (or plotters) for storing and transferring ink-containing ribbon cassettes between a print head and a storage location. The printers (or plotters) are of the type which include a print head that is not as wide as the width of the medium to be printed on s ...

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A variable capacitive transducer is employed in a graphical recording device in conjunction with its pen drive mechanism. Two fixed conductive plates are mounted within the recorder parallel to each other and a flexible belt, partly coated with a conductive film, is movably mounted therebetween. The ...

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One digitizer grid pattern is used for each of two coordinate axes, i.e. X and Y. Each grid pattern is used for coarse and fine digitizing to determine cursor positioning on each respective axis. Th digitizer has two basic modes of operation which relate to digitally representing the position of a c ...

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A plotter having the capability of unattended operation incorporates several innovations. An X-axis dual motor drive mechanism moves the plotting chart through the plotter using two independently controlled motors driving respective individual friction drives at either side of the chart. An automati ...

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A digitizer cursor is provided with a multifunctional control panel. The panel is comprised of a multiplicity of switches for defining various modes of cursor operation in use with a digitizer coordinate axes grid assembly or pad. Novel circuitry provides for a cursor of convenient size with a compl ...

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Apparatus, for use in conjunction with a digital plotter incorporating controlled multiple markers to create displays, for determining the position of the markers along axes of movement, comprises a detector assembly disposed at a fixed axial position relative to the plotter, and a driver for moving ...

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Apparatus and method for determining position, tilt and offset of a pointer with respect to a grid of parallel conductors with which it is coupled by obtaining measured responses between each of a group conductors and the pointer and fitting an expression for the response to said measured responses.

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The invention disclosed herein provides a method and apparatus for counteracting the effects of a localized drag on a sheet medium as it is being moved by a drive system, for example, in a printer or plotter to prevent misregistration of the sheet medium with the X-axis drive system as the sheet med ...

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Apparatus especially X-Y plotters having a marking device for marking a surface. A support is provided for supporting the marking device. The support is movable along an axis of the housing while the marking device can be selectively raised and lowered relative to the surface. The raising and loweri ...