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A system for deriving useful energy from a windmill in which a liquid pump is driven by the windmill. Useful energy is obtained by either a fluid driven generator or a friction heater. The output of the pump and the speed of the windmill are controlled by a constant volume valve in the fluid circuit ...

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A high velocity gaseous accelerating secondary jet stream in the form of the products of combustion of an internal burner is directed as a converging annular flow about and into a primary jet stream of high temperature bearing melted particles to accelerate the particles for improved impingement coa ...

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Within ultra high velocity flame spray apparatus, the oxy-fuel products of combustion under pressure exit from an internal burner and pass through a spray nozzle of extended length. Metal or ceramic material in thin diameter rod form or as particles are fed to the nozzle inlet at a point at or just ...

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A method of operation of a plasma torch, an internal burner or the like to produce a hot gas jet stream directed toward a workpiece to be coated by operating the plasma torch or internal burner at high pressure while feeding a powdered material to the stream to be heated by the stream and projected ...

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A fuel and oxygen mixture is combusted within an internal burner combustion chamber at temperatures ranging from 250 psi to 1,000 psi. The products of combustion are directed through a restricting nozzle throat and a supersonic expansion nozzle section into an elongated duct formed by an extended no ...

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A hybrid transferred-arc plasma torch system utilizes a transferred-arc plasma torch whose hollow body carries internally a cathode aligned with a relatively small diameter nozzle which functions under a created arc to issue an arc flame through the nozzle with a plasma gas applied to the chamber. A ...

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A method and apparatus for reliable flame spraying utilizes a transferred arc from a plasma torch as created between the cathode electrode coaxial with the plasma torch nozzle and the end of at least one wire or rod fed into the transferred arc axially beyond the exit of said plasma torch nozzle. A ...

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A surface discontinuity is formed along an anode nozzle bore sufficiently upstream of a nozzle exit orifice and of a sufficient size to cause an arc between an electrically conductive end wall of a plamsa-arc torch anode nozzle passage and a coaxial cathode coaxially mounted by an opposite end wall ...

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Disclosed is a method of, and apparatus for, flame spraying particulate material utilizing the thermal energy of a very hot gaseous primary stream produced in an oxy-fuel combustion chamber combined with kinetic energy from a surrounding annular sheath of warm high velocity secondary air.

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Method and apparatus for increasing the depth of plasma flame cutting of metal via a transferred arc from a transferred-arc plasma cutting torch as created between the cathode electrode coaxial with the plasma torch primary nozzle and the metal workpiece forming the anode electrode and positioned so ...