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An onboard DAMA protocol for use in connection with a processing satellite communications network, where multiple users are assigned to a common transmission resource as part of a sharing set. A media access controller (

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A method and apparatus for scheduling, in real-time, the order in which data packets from multiple uplink channels are organized in a downlink channel of a satellite communications network. The satellite includes uplink and downlink channels for conveying data packets over channels between user term ...

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A method and device for extrapolating past signal-history data for insertion into missing data segments in order to conceal digital speech frame errors. The extrapolation method uses past-signal history that is stored in a buffer. The method is implemented with a device that utilizes a finite-impuls ...

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A method and apparatus for implementing multicast in a space-based communication system is disclosed. The present invention allows for the use of a buffer in which to store data packets prior to replication in a multicast application. The present apparatus includes a buffer (


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The present invention is a method and apparatus for processing data packets in the outbound module of a space-based cell switch. The present invention uses an expanded set of queuing parameters to determine an output queue in which to store each data packet. The method includes the steps of selectin ...