Wirth Guy B, Jahnig Charles E: Process for steam cracking crude oil. Esso Research and Engineering Company, November 2, 1971: US3617493 (66 worldwide citation)

An improved process for steam cracking a crude oil feed to produce products useful as chemical raw materials or fuels characterized by the steps wherein the crude oil feed is first passed through the convection section of a steam cracking furnace to vaporize the materials in the feed boiling below a ...

Horowitz Hugh H, Jahnig Charles E: Corrosion inhibitors for cuprous tetrachloroaluminate complexes. Esso Research and Engineering Company, September 11, 1973: US3758606 (5 worldwide citation)

A method is described wherein soluble compounds of antimony, arsenic, and bismuth are dissolved in aromatic hydrocarbon solutions containing cuprous halide-Lewis acid combinations such as cuprous tetrachloroaluminate to prevent the pitting corrosion of carbon steel. Particularly the method is useful ...