Jacques Thiery, Jacques Schoennahl: Concrete composition for the manufacture of moulds, mould and process for the manufacture of a mould. Savoie Refractaires, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, February 23, 1993: US05188791 (7 worldwide citation)

Compound concrete composition for the manufacture of moulds, comprising: (1) a binder which comprises an alkaline-earth mineral substance, a constituent made up of fine particles of a compound other than an oxide, 90% of which have a particle size of between 1 and 150 .mu.m with a median diameter of ...

Jacques Schoennahl: Tuyere blocks of vertical reactor furnaces. Savoie Refractaires, Watson Cole Grindle & Watson, January 12, 1993: US05178819 (1 worldwide citation)

A tuyere opening assembly of a vertical furnace or reactor includes at most four prefabricated elements made of moulded refractory concrete, and a lining therein of ceramized refractory keys of identical shape and size arranged therein for receiving a burner or a tuyere.

Jacques Schoennahl, Raymond Paul, Daniel Kuster: Refractory articles for the control of a jet of molten steel, from high-alumina materials containing a sialon binder.. Savoie Refractaires, April 17, 1992: FR2667862-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A refractory article for a device for controlling or interrupting a jet of steel, characterised in that it is made up of a refractory material consisting essentially of a) 61 to 77 % by weight of particles which have an alumina content greater than 50 % by weight and a melting point higher than 1800 ...

Jacques Schoennahl, Paul, Raymond, Michel Dussaulx: Refractory materials consisting of aluminium nitride-bonded grains, containing boron nitride or graphite inclusions, and a process for their manufacture.. Savoie Refractaires, April 30, 1992: FR2668476-A1

Refractory materials which comprise: (A) particles of at least one refractory material whose melting and thermal dissociation temperatures are higher than 1700 DEG C; (B) a binder matrix binding these particles together, consisting predominantly of aluminium nitride AlN of hexagonal structure and/or ...

Jacques Schoennahl, Paul, Raymond: Refractory material bonded by a sialon matrix and process for its production.. Savoie Refractaires, April 30, 1992: FR2668478-A1

Refractory materials of high corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance when heated and thermal shock resistance, comprising: (A) particles of at least one refractory material whose melting point or possible thermal dissociation point is higher than 1700 DEG C, these particles being dispersed in (B ...

Jacques Schoennahl: Refractory compositions containing monoclinic zirconia and articles formed from compositions exhibiting improved mechanical strength at high temperatures and improved resistance to thermal shocks. Savoie Refractaires, HUANG ZEXIONG, December 5, 1990: CN90103802

The invention relates to a refractory composition comprising, by weight: (A) at least 70% of an aggregate based on refractory oxides, (B) from 7 to 25% of a matrix consisting of particles distributed between a fine fraction and an ultrafine fraction, and the details are in the description ; and (C) ...

Eric Jorge, Frederic Roulet, Jacques Schoennahl: Sintered ceramic product having a nitrogenous matrix with improved surface properties. Saint Gobain Centre De Recherches ET D Etudes Europeen, Young & Thompson, February 5, 2009: US20090035558-A1

The sintered ceramic product comprises a granular material bound by a nitrogenous mold. According to the invention, at least one anti-dust agent selected among calcium and boron exists in a surface layer of the product, the mass ratio of all the anti-dust agents in the surface layer being greater th ...

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