Jacques Claude Thillays: Display device for use with strong illumination. U S Philips Corporation, Thomas A Briody, Jack Oisher, Steven R Biren, October 14, 1980: US04228490 (137 worldwide citation)

An electroluminescent device includes at least one emissive diode emitting in the red. The emissive face of the diode is covered by a filter element which is substantially transparent in the red, and which has a light transmission coefficient in the blue which is significantly higher than its coeffi ...

Jacques Claude Thillays: Opto-electronic photocoupling device and method of manufacturing same. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, August 24, 1976: US03976877 (55 worldwide citation)

An opto-electronic photocoupling device in which the light emitter and receiver are coupled optically by a light conductor, and the conductor is constituted by a drop of a first transparent resin embedded in a second resin which is also transparent, the index of refraction of the first resin being h ...

Jacques Claude Thillays: Light conductor in a signal isolator. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, July 11, 1978: US04100422 (10 worldwide citation)

A conductor for the transport of light between a photo-emitter and a photosensitive receiver.

Lionel Guilleman, Jacques Claude Thillays: Opto-electronic device having coupled emitter and receiver. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, October 3, 1978: US04118633 (6 worldwide citation)

An opto-electronic coupler uses a light emitter and a photo-sensitive receiver, which are each associated with transparent bodies of revolution having convex and cylindrical portions.



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