Roger Destuynder, Jacques Bouttes, Philippe Poisson Quinton: Active method and installation for the reduction of buffeting of the wings of an aircraft. Office National d Etudes et de Recherche Aerospatiales, Larson and Taylor, November 17, 1987: US04706902 (47 worldwide citation)

To reduce buffeting caused by separation on the wings of an aircraft, a parameter representing the buffeting in amplitude, frequency and phase is measured. The measuring signal is subjected to filtering intended to establish the characteristics of at least one mode of vibration of the wings and, by ...

Jacques Bouttes: Guidance procedure for projectile on atmospheric ballistic course - uses sensors to detect aerodynamic forces acting on projectile, and thrusters to compensate for them. Intertechnique, Bouttes Jacques, May 27, 1994: FR2698440-A1

The procedure consists of giving the projectile (1) a position and speed which puts it into a ballistic trajectory which passes over the target, detecting the aerodynamic forces on the projectile or the effects of them, and providing the projectile with a thrust which compensates for the drag. The p ...

Christian Vauge, Jacques Bouttes: Procedure and device for liquid lever measurement.. Intertechnique, April 30, 1992: FR2668595-A1

The device, which can be used for measuring the level of a liquid in a reservoir, comprises: at least one optical measurement fibre having a substantially straight portion, which is stripped, extending over a predetermined measurement height and an optical reference fibre having a stripped substanti ...

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