Jacob Drucker: Peroxide gel dentifrice compositions. Carter Wallace, Kevin B Clarke, January 23, 1990: US04895721 (56 worldwide citation)

Stable aqueous peroxide dentifrice gel compositions which are stable against both viscosity and peroxide loss and which contain up to about 15% by weight of aqueous peroxide, and from about 35% to about 95% by weight of a polyol or a mixture of polyols, from about 0.75% to about 5.0% by weight of a ...

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Method for applying loose, free-flowing powder compositions to the skin from a dispensing container utilizing a dispensing ball or roller containing filamentous hair-like projections over its exterior surface, and dry antiperspirant powder compositions based on particulate aluminum and/or zirconium ...

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Aqueous emulsion or suspensoid antiperspirant preparations are disclosed which offer a cost advantage in addition to providing for the reduction or elimination of whitening of the skin, reduced tack and added emolliency.