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An insulated container comprising first and second container sections. Each of the container sections includes a frame section and a housing section of foam plastic mounted on the frame section. A hinge couples the frame sections together for hinged movement between a closed position and an open pos ...

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A printer for a portable computer receives the computer into a well and includes a connector plug that receives a connector socket of the computer. The printer restricts the orientation of the computer when the computer is inserted into the well so that the computer connector can be engaged with the ...

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A printed wiring assembly card insertion/extraction tool is provided of circular cross-section with a cam-like member at one end. Each card within the card cage has a tab centrally located along one edge, the tab containing a keyhole-like aperture. When the cards are in their normal side-by-side pos ...

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A pneumatic game of skill in which a spherical member is propelled by means of a stream of air emitted from a small handheld air motor along a tortuous channel formed in the surface of the game board. The spherical member is covered with a special fabric which, if the member strays off course, cause ...