J Abbott Byrd III, Rolando M Puno, Philip Mellinger: Variable locking stabilizer anchor seat and screw. Cross Medical Products, Hudak & Shunk Co, November 14, 1995: US05466237 (533 worldwide citation)

A bone interface anchor is provided for use with a stabilizer rod for the internal fixation of a spine. The anchor has a seat which accommodates the stabilizer rod and which receives a bone screw for the fixation of the seat to the bone. A compression member cooperates with the seat external to the ...

Rolando M Puno, Philip Mellinger, J Abbott Byrd III: Rod anchor seat having a sliding interlocking rod connector. Cross Medical Products, Hudak & Shunk Co, March 5, 1996: US05496321 (333 worldwide citation)

A spinal implant assembly is provided having a top loading anchor which is fixed to a spinal member by means of a hook or screw. The anchor includes a seat having a channel to receive a stabilizer rod and a sliding interconnecting closure member which slides in a longitudinal direction relative to t ...

Philip Mellinger, J Abbott Byrd III, Rolando M Puno: Transverse link for use with a spinal implant system. Cross Medical Products, Hudak & Shunk Co LPA, April 29, 1997: US05624442 (215 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a transverse connector member which is used to connect two substantially parallel spinal implant rods. The transverse connector has a first and a second member which includes a clamp comprising a rod receiving recess and top-loaded set screw which cause both a vertical and ...

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