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A handbreadth-sized laser beam projecting probe for beauty treatment, comprising: a semiconductor laser device for producing a laser beam; a drive circuit for driving the semiconductor laser device; a heat sink for removing the generated heat from the semiconductor laser device; a CPU for controllin ...

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A light depilating apparatus comprising a light depilating probe, an electric controller, and a connection cable for connecting the light depilating probe to the electric controller whereby the light depilating probe is brought into contact with a portion of skin to be depilated; wherein the light d ...

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A preparation containing, as the main pharmaceutically active ingredient, a peptide having a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone activity, is improved in its absorption by adding thereto a water-soluble aliphatic carboxylic acid of 2 to 6 carbon atoms.

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A laser beam projector equipped with a CCD camera for taking a picture of a spot for treatment, thus permitting observation of the spot by sight. The laser beam projector has an annular projection formed around a circular hole made on the front of its casing, and a trapezoid heat sink is fitted in t ...

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A process for preparing shaped catalysts or carriers mainly containing titanium oxide and improved in mechanical strength which comprises calcining a material mainly comprising titanium oxide or a substance convertible into titanium oxide on calcination in the presence of metatitanic acid sol or gel ...

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This invention relates to an automatic system for beauty equipment of eternal epilation, facial treatment, beautiful skin creation, weight reduction, etc. This system provides the measuring apparatuses (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) that measure the condition of the portion to which beauty treatment is to be ...

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Disclosed is an improved wearable calorie calculator, which takes the degree of active strength and the quantity of basal metabolism into account to calculate the total number of calories consumed each day with precision, and which visually informs the wearer of the goal or outcome of exercises. The ...

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A micro-plate adapter for mounting a micro-plate onto a centrifugal separator rotor. The micro-plate has a sample injection hole portion containing a sample therein and as a box-like external wall. The adapter includes a bearing surface contacting a back bottom surface of the sample injection hole p ...

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The instrument of the present invention irradiates a relatively large skin area evenly with laser beams. A plurality of semiconductor laser diodes are arranged to form two lines with the semiconductor laser diodes of one line staggered with those of the other line, and the semiconductor laser diodes ...

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In an information processing apparatus (10) that includes a cache memory (560) formed from at least one hierarchy, and a pre-fetch command that speculatively transfers data or a command from a main storage (30) to the cache memory, a cache controller (510) provides control to execute the pre-fetch c ...