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A high capacity primary or secondary electrochemical generator in which at least one electrode (4,5) is composed of nanocrystalline particles of an electrically active material, said particles being electrically connected together, either by sintering a colloidal film of said electrically active mat ...

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A process for the production of nano-structured olivine lithium manganese phosphate (LiMnPO4) electrode material comprising of the following steps: sol gel preparation in a chelating environment; preparation of lithium manganese phosphate/carbon composite by ball-milling; and electrode preparation.

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The main object of the invention is to obtain LiMnPO4 having an excellent crystalline and a high purity at a lower temperature. The present invention provides a method for manufacturing LiMnPO4 including the steps of: precipitating for obtaining precipitate of manganese hydroxide (Mn(OH)x) by adding ...

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The present invention concerns a carbon coated lithium metal phosphate material containing a manganese oxide layer between the LiMnPO4 material or the C/LiMn1-x ZxPO4 material, where Z=Fe, Co, Ni, Mg, Ca, Al, Zr, V, Ti and x=0.01-0.3, and the carbon layer.

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Novel process for the preparation of finely divided, nano-structured, olivine lithium metal phosphates (LiMPO4) (where metal M is iron, cobalt, manganese, nickel, vanadium, copper, titanium and mix of them) materials have been developed. This so called Polyol” method consists of heating of suited pr ...

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A lithium-ion battery comprising a first electrode made of cathodic material, a second electrode made of anodic material and an electrolyte, said lithium-ion battery containing an overcharge protection material consisting of redox molecules, characterized by the fact that said redox molecules have a ...

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The invention concerns a battery including a metallic container (1) delimiting a cavity (16) containing an electrolyte and a composite strip (2) formed by a first metallic sheet coated with a material forming the positive electrode, by a second metallic strip coated with a material forming the negat ...

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This invention concerns a novel method for surface derivatization of electrode materials for Li-ion batteries. The derivatization is based on adsorption of a composite assembly consisting of amphiphilic redox active molecule attached to single walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT). Its role consists in the ...

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In a high capacity primary or secondary cell, the active material of at least one of the electrodes is selected from transition metal oxides or their (partially) lithiated forms, such as TiO2, Nb2O5, HfO2, MnO2, LiyNiO2, LiyCo2, Ldy(NiCo)O2, or LiyMn2O4, in the form of electrically interconnected na ...

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The battery includes a metal container containing active materials, forming respectively the anode and the cathode, and an electrolyte, said container being sealed at its upper part by a hermetically sealed cap and separated from the active materials by an insulating element, said cap being provided ...