Rustam I Utyamyshev, Boris A Smirnov, Nikolai N Kanshin, Ivan A Korolkov, Tatyana L Ivanova: Surgical suturing instrument for performing anastomoses between structures of the digestive tract. Vsesojozny Naucho Issledovatelsky i Ispytatelny Institut Meditsinskoi Tekhniki, Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, March 19, 1985: US04505272 (386 worldwide citation)

An instrument comprising a tubular staple case is disclosed, the case being traversed by a supporting rod extending outwardly therefrom with its front end. The tubular case is used to mount a plunger with a knife arranged on the rod. An abutment head mounted on the front end of the rod is made gener ...

Igor S Karapetian, Ivan A Korolkov, Nikolai N Kapitanov, Boris A Smirnov, Tatyana L Ivanova: Surgical staple, a method of and forceps for its removal. Vsesojuzny Nauchno Issledovatelsky I Ispytatelny Institut Meditsinskoi Tekhniki, Murray Schaffer, March 6, 1984: US04434796 (354 worldwide citation)

The staple has two legs interconnected through a web. Each of the legs carries a rod having a pointed bottom end and a head. The head has a slot for the web to pass. A through hole or passage is made in the rod, which is open at the slot in the head and at the side rod surface. The rigidity of the l ...

Ivan A Korolkov, Viktor S Saveliev, Evgeny G Yablokov, Georgy V Astafiev, Viktor V Tishin, Boris A Smirnov: Surgical suturing instrument for application of a staple suture. Steinberg & Raskin, December 15, 1981: US04305539 (327 worldwide citation)

Disclosure is made of a surgical instrument, comprising a supporting body with a replaceable die, a magazine with staples, a carriage-holder, a staple ejector, a carriage-holder mechanical actuator, and a staple ejector mechanical actuator.

Boris N Malyshev, Viktor A Saljuk, Oleg X Skobelkin, Evgeny I Brekhov, Boris A Smirnov, Ivan A Korolkov, Viktor P Bashilov, Tatyana L Ivanova: Surgical instrument for resection of hollow organs. Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, May 20, 1986: US04589413 (190 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is made of a surgical instrument comprising a suturing device having a supporting body and a staple body with an ejector for ejecting staples therefrom for suturing, the bodies being coupled together by means of a pivot device adjacent one end, and a retainer is provided at the other ...


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