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A hair revitalizing agent including a compound represented by the formula shown below or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof: (wherein R to R, R to R, X, Y, and n are the same as defined in the present specification).

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A hair growth stimulant compsn. contains (a) an amine oxide; (b) a calmodulin inhibitor and/or a calcium antagonist. Pref. the amount of each component is (a) 0.0001-20% (wt.); (b) 0.00001-10% (wt.); and the ratio of (a)/(b) is 10,000/1 to 1/10,000 (wt.). P'ref. the amine oxide is a cpd. of formula ...

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A 1,2-di-substituted piperidine derivative or a salt thereof expressed by the following Formula (I): wherein one of A and B is a hydrocarbon group of C1-30 expressed by R and the other is -(CH2)n-NRR; Y is -CO-, -CONR- or -COO-; Z is -O-, -OCO-, -OCONR- or -NR-; R and R individually represent a hydr ...

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A hair growth inhibitor contains, as an active ingredient, at least one herb selected from the group consisting of phellodendron bark, houttuynia, rice bran, mulberry tree bark, Japanese coptis, thyme, peach seed, nettle, calendula, wild rose and balm mint or the extract thereof and various skin ext ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prepare a melanocyte activator preparation containing a melanocyte activator component as an active ingredient by finding the component for activating the melanocyte, and a method for using the component in gray hair prevention or tanning.SOLUTION: A melanocyte activator con ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a highly safe body hair growth inhibitor or a composition for external use such as a medicament, quasi-drug or cosmetic including the inhibitor as active ingredient. SOLUTION: This hair growth inhibitor comprises as the active ingredient a crude drug selected from Phe ...

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A hair tonic composition contains an amine oxide, pref. of formula (I) to (IV): (where R is 8-24C straight or branched saturated or unsaturated hydrocabryl; R1 and R2 are 6-18C straight or branched saturated or unsaturated hydrocabryl; n is 1-5). It may also contain an anionic surfactant. Pref. the ...

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This specification relates to a cosmetic composition containing art extract of Croton birmanicus as an effective ingredient, particularly, a hair-growing composition. The composition not only has excellent hair revitalizing actions such as an alopecia preventing effect and a hair generation accelera ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a new compound having ether bondings or urethane bondings in a chain of a substituted group and having excellent hair tonic action, especially a trichogenous acceleration effect. SOLUTION: This compound is expressed by formula I [R1 and R2 are each a (substituted) 1-3 ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To screen anti-white hair agents by utilizing a migration phenomenon of melanocyte to a hair papilla by bringing a specific melanocyte to a culture supernatant liquid of hair papilla and observing the degree of migration of melanocyte to the cultured supernatant liquid. SOLUTIO ...