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A method for the preparation of (meth)acrylonitriles following ammoxidation process comprising catalytically oxidizing at least one saturated hydrocarbon selected from the group consisting of propane and isobutane with a mixed gas containing mole-cular oxygen and ammonia in the presence of a catalys ...



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The present invention provides a filtration-type mold and method for producing ceramic sintered body using the mold. Said filtration-type mold made of non-hydrosoluble materials is used for obtaining a molding body by vacuum-draining water in slurry, characterized in that, said mold consists of the ...


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There is provided a semiconductor integrated circuit device which assures high performance and low power consumption through reduction of installation area and realizes automatic voltage adjustment of a couple of voltage step-down power supply circuits for active and standby conditions. In this semi ...

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The present invention relates to a laminated glass having an interlayer film between at least two transparent glass platy bodies. Functional ultra-fine particles of a particle diameter of not greater than 0.2 μm are dispersed in the interlayer film. The functional ultra-fine particles comprise a sin ...

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The present invention has for its object to provide a low friction resistance coating film in water, which is capable of reducing the frictional resistance in the part of a ship or a piping where frictions with fluids such as water may take place. The present invention is directed to a low friction ...

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A semiconductor integrated circuit (LSI) in which control information for determining a voltage or a width of a pulse produced itself can easily be set in parallel with other LSIs, and set information can be corrected easily. From an external evaluation device, a voltage of an expected value is supp ...

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A three dimensional image rendering apparatus for rendering polygons forming a three dimensional object on a two dimensional display screen, comprising: a hidden surface removal section for performing a hidden surface removal process by, when a part or all of the pixels forming the two dimensional d ...