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In a semiconductor integrated circuit device, having a pair of voltage step-down power supply circuits for active and standby conditions, a first reference voltage is formed by amplifying a fixed voltage formed in a fixed voltage generating circuit with an amplifying circuit which can adjust the vol ...

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The invention relates to a glass pane including (a) a glass substrate having first and second major surfaces opposed to each other, (b) a functional film formed on the first major surface of the glass substrate, and (c) a conductive wire formed on the functional film. This glass pane is produced by ...

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A method for preventing settlement of aquatic fouling organisms on surface of an aquatic structure without environmental hazard is provided. The method is based upon absolutely novel concept to prevent the settlement by means of thick slime layer, i.e. bio-jelly, deposited on said surface. The prese ...

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A semiconductor integrated circuit (LSI) in which control information for determining a voltage or a width of a pulse produced itself can easily be set in parallel with other LSIs, and set information can be corrected easily. From an external evaluation device, a voltage of an expected value is supp ...

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A catalyst for the production of a substituted benzaldehyde by catalytic vapor-phase oxidation of a substituted toluene, which catalyst has as a catalytically active substance being composed of an oxide represented by the general formula III:

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The present invention is to provide a resin composition comprising a boron-containing polymer useful as an antifouling coating which does not contain heavy metal from an environmental viewpoint.