Irwin S Schlossman, Robert E Wiman: Polymer compositions containing poly (alkylene ether) esters of polybasic acids. Emery, Gerald A Baracka, August 21, 1979: US04165303 (11 worldwide citation)

Polyamides and polyesters having greatly improved resistance to static electricity buildup are obtained by the incorporation of about 0.1 to 20 weight percent poly(alkylene ether) esters of polybasic acid. The antistatic properties of these polymers is significantly improved when poly(ethylene oxide ...


Irwin S Schlossman: Carboxyphenylalkanoic acids and lower alkyl esters thereof. Emery, Kenneth D Tremain, October 26, 1982: US04356315

Carboxyphenylalkanoic acids, and lower alkyl esters thereof, are described. These novel compounds are obtained by the non-classical oxidation of methylphenylalkanoic acids.