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A sensor electrode to detect one or more components in a liquid mixture comprises an electrically conductive material having at least an an external surface, the combination of an enzyme catalytic for a reaction of the desired component, and a mediator compound which transfers electrons from the enz ...

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A sensor system that detects a current representative of a compound in a liquid mixture features a two-electrode strip adapted for releasable attachment to signal readout circuitry. The strip comprises an elongated support (preferably flat) adapted for releasable attachment to the readout circuitry; ...

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This invention relates to equipment and methods for detecting the presence of, measuring the amount of, and/or monitoring the level of, one or more selected components in a liquid mixture, employing an electrode sensing system.

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There are provided processes for carrying out enzymatic reactions, especially processes for the oxidative or reductive transformation of organic compounds catalyzed by enzymes, in which the enzymes require a continuing supply of reducing equivalents to regenerate reduced enzyme species in enzymatica ...

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A colorimetric enzymic analytical test element comprises a support and a plurality of reaction zones incorporating a dried enzyme composition, dyestuff and reagent adapted to provide a substantial dosage independent colorimetric display when the concentration of an analyte applied to the elements ex ...

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A process for the partial degradation of complex cyclicorganic compounds such as 1-phenylheptane and m-chlorotoluene using methane-utilizing microorganisms or enzyme extracts thereof containing the enzymes methane mono-oxygenase and/or a de-halogenase. The preferred microorganism is Methylosinus tri ...

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Microbiological oxidations of organic compounds including C6 to C28 alkanes, C2 to C18 alkenes and cyclic compounds such as cyclohexane and benzene carried out using as catalysts methane-utilizing bacteria adapted to utilize methanol as a carbon source. The application also covers methane-utilizing ...

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A process of oxidizing a hydrocarbon which is an alkane or alkene or substituted alkane or alkene by contacting it with a culture of a bacterium as deposited under accession number NCIB 11613 or a mutant or derivative thereof which is capable of utilizing an alkane having from 6 to 28 carbon atoms a ...