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Processing of a digital image includes using a machine to convert numerical representations of colors in the digital image to lexical representations of the colors. The lexical representations may be used for image processing such as color reproduction. Examples of lexical-based color reproduction i ...

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A system and method for rendering high dynamic range images includes a rendering manager that divides an original luminance image into a plurality of original subband images. The rendering manager converts the original subband images into original contrast images which are converted into original pe ...

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The apparatus for and method of estimating the illumination closely approximates an illumination of a corresponding image. This apparatus for and method of estimating the illumination utilizes appropriate linear models to represent the illumination spectral power distribution of the illumination and ...

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A method for determining image sharpness estimation of an image. Image data for at least one column of pixels and at least one row of pixels of the image is sampled. A first filter is applied on sequential differences of sampled image data resulting in a first filtered sequence of first filtered val ...

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Color transformation sample point identification is described. A subset of points from a superset of points representing a colorimetric relationship is identified. The subset of points defines an initial n-simplex with (n+1) points representing an approximation of the colorimetric relationship, wher ...

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A system and method is disclosed for managing resource consumption during print production. The method discloses receiving a print job and a set of print job constraints; calculating a set of printing resources required to produce a print job output from the print job according to the set of print j ...

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A system including a memory to store instructions and initial color representations and a processor to execute the instructions in the memory to reference a database having a set of lexical color classifiers, transform each of at least a pair of initial color representations to color values associat ...

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To generate a proof of a printable item, a data structure is provided that maps a set of spot colors into a respective set of color values based on measurement data provided by a measurement device of colors printed by a printing system from the spot colors.

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An exemplary embodiment of the present invention may divide data into a first of set of blocks and a second set of blocks, and data may be stored from non-overlapping frames surrounding the first set of blocks in memory. The data may be grouped from the non-overlapping frames surrounding the second ...

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A soft proof system includes a display module and a manager. The display module displays a visual representation of a print product, and a color array expressing a tolerance range of a color component of the visual representation and a target color within the range. Via the manager, a visualization ...