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A transition metal compound of formula (I): wherein M is a transition metal of Group IVa, Group Va and Group VIa of the periodic table; R and R, which may all be identical or different from each other, are each a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, a hydrocarbon group of 1 to 20 carbon atoms, a halogenat ...


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The present invention provides an olefin polymerization catalyst having a bulk density of not less than 0.3 g/cm and a fluidity index of not less than 45 comprising: a fine particle carrier; (A) a transition metal compound of Group IVB metal of the periodic table, containing a ligand having a cyclop ...

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Process for preparing imidazole derivatives of the general formula (II) : wherein R and R independently are loweralkyl, by desulfurizing a mercaptoimidazole derivative of the general formula (I) : wherein R and R are as defined above, with nitric acid optionally in the presence of a nitrite. The com ...