Mitsui Tsuyoshi, Hiramoto Takeji, Imanaka Mitio: Braking system for an electrically-operated road such as an escalator. Hitachi, Beall Jr Thomas E, July 29, 1975: US3896925 (17 worldwide citation)

In an electrically operated road, such as an escalator, a braking force for stopping the electrically operated road is changed according to whether the running direction is upwardly or downwardly, so that the braking deceleration of the road during emergency stopping of operations will become indepe ...

Hori Sadayuki, Mawake Akira, Imanaka Mitio: Drum, rim grip braking device. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, March 5, 1974: US3795290 (10 worldwide citation)

A braking device for elevators or the like, in which an inner shoe and an outer shoe are arranged for engagement with the inner and outer peripheral surfaces of a cylindrical flange of a brake drum respectively and said inner and outer shoes are operated to effect braking.