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A negative type silver halide photographic material comprising silver halide grains of core-shell structure which consists of an inner core essentially consisting of silver bromide iodobromide and a plurality of shells, essentially consisting of silver bromide or silver iodobromide, wherein said sil ...


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There is disclosed a silver halide light-sensitive color photographic material which comprises a support and coated thereon a light-sensitive layer containing a compound which, upon reaction with an oxidized color developing agent, is capable of releasing a diffusible development inhibitor and a neg ...






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A process for preparing a silver halide emulsion containing core shell type silver halide grains, which comprises using silver halide grains of octahedral or tetradecahedral crystals having a (1 1 1) face substantially comprising silver bromoiodide and having a variation coefficient of particle size ...

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A silver halide emulsion for photographic use and a process for its preparation. A monodisperse silver halide emulsion containing silver halide grains substantially comprising silver bromoiodide grains of octahedral or tetradecahedral crystals mainly comprising (111) faces with the vertexes round in ...