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A method and system for manipulating content displayed on a display screen is disclosed. A data processing device has two attached user input controls, such as touch pads, joysticks, and the like. One of the controls may be used for panning (i.e. scrolling up and down and/or left and right) content ...

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A device for use in a test procedure in which a plurality of discrete fluid samples is disposed on a microscope slide which comprises a slide support and clamping means for clamping a slide between a gasket provided with a plurality of apertures therethrough and said support, said clamping means bei ...

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A process for coating the surface of pigment and filler particles with an oleaginous and cosmetically functional material, characterized in that an aqueous suspension of the pigment or filler is mixed with an emulsion of said oleaginous material to be coated onto the surface of pigment or filler par ...

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Examples disclosed herein relate to systems and methods for validating the authenticity of one or more media associated with a gaming system. The systems and methods may utilize a public key in association with a ROM-based algorithm to validate such media. The systems and methods may: decrypt the en ...


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A bath (1) (or shower-tray) is installed in sealed relationship against a wall of a room, by providing on a frame member (5) located along a side of the bath (1) under the edge (4) thereof, a strip (8) that extends along the entire side of the bath (1). The strip (8) includes an intermediate flange ...

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The present invention generally provides a batch substrate processing system, or cluster tool, for in-situ processing of a film stack used to form regions of a solar cell device. In one configuration, the film stack formed on each of the substrates in the batch contains one or more silicon-containin ...

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A technique for improving the recognition accuracy of a speech recognizer includes deploying the speech recognizer, wherein live input data is received by the recognizer as an input for a given speaker independent adaptation algorithm associated with the speech recognizer. The algorithm enhances the ...