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An accelerometer sensor equipped device uses GPS and known alignment data to determine the alignment of the accelerometer sub-system when the vehicle is stationary and in motion. The alignment data is determined from known surface information, measured GPS velocity, and measured GPS Heading.

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Embodiments are disclosed that relate to authenticating a user of a display device. For example, one disclosed embodiment includes displaying one or more virtual images on the display device, wherein the one or more virtual images include a set of augmented reality features. The method further inclu ...


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Embodiments for matching participants in a virtual multiplayer entertainment experience are provided. For example, one embodiment provides a method including receiving from each user of a plurality of users a request to join the virtual multiplayer entertainment experience, receiving from each user ...

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Analytical sensor devices incorporating a permselective medium immobilised as a continuous liquid or gel phase barrier between sample and detector. The barrier is electrically insulating, impermeable to charged non-lipophilic species, selectively partitions lipophilic species diffusing through it, a ...

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A method and apparatus for detecting ethanol content of a sample wherein a membrane barrier comprising unplasticized PVC is interposed between the sample and detecting means.

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A sampling and analysis device comprises a housing, a sampling region and an analysis region being defined within the housing. The housing has at least one aperture to allow fluid ingress to and egress from the sampling region. A filter is disposed within the housing, and is movable inside the housi ...

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An amperometric sensor device comprising a working electrode, a reference/pseudo-reference electrode and a permselective membrane incorporating a charged organic species. The electrodes are in intimate contact with the membrane and are on a side of the membrane opposite to the side exposed to a flui ...

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The acceleration of a mobile asset is sensed and compared to threshold acceleration levels when the speed of the mobile asset is above a threshold speed. When the acceleration exceeds a threshold a report is created allowing aggressive driving behavior to be logged.