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A sole for a shoe to increase circulation in the wearer's foot during forefoot intensive activities. The sole includes a midsole having at least one protrusion disposed in a forefoot region thereof and a plate having at least one receptacle disposed therein wherein the plate is fixedly attached to t ...

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A method of implanting an intervertebral disc prosthesis in a patient comprises selecting a superior and inferior endplates from a plurality of endplates having different endplate features. The different endplate features include different structural and material composition features. In addition, a ...

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A cross connector for connecting two longitudinal members, such as rods, in spinal surgery has a connectors for connecting to the longitudinal members and a ball joint therebetween to allow polyaxial rotation of the connectors.

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A spinal anchor assembly for securing a spinal fixation element has an anchor element adapted for attachment to bone. The anchor element has an opening for receiving a spinal fixation element and side walls on opposed sides of the opening with a plurality of inferior surfaces defined on the side wal ...