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This invention provides novel liquid crystalline polymers which comprise, in the repeat units of their main chains, residues of suitable dichroic dyes. The polymers yield polarizer films with superior polarizing efficiency, transmittance, dichroic ratio, and thermal and humidity stability. The inven ...

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A fiber-optic cable has reinforcement in the form of an elongated member such as a hollow tube, a member of solid circular cross-section, a channel member and/or an outer jacket formed of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer. That polymer has a coefficient of linear thermal expansion in the ran ...

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This invention provides superior electrooptic devices containing an organic polymeric waveguiding medium, and a process of fabricating such devices. The fabrication process utilizes a substantially stress-free organic polymeric substrate on top of which the necessary organic layers are successively ...

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This invention provides novel isotropic acrylic copolymers which exhibit nonlinear optical response, and which have utility as a transparent optical component in optical light switch and light modulator devices. An invention isotropic acrylic copolymer is illustrated by the following structure: ##ST ...

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This invention provides process embodiments for the production of second order nonlinear optical media and waveguiding devices. An important aspect of an invention waveguiding device is the use of a novel electrode design which permits the application of a high voltage electric field for molecular o ...

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A waveguiding media of polymeric materials is disclosed and claimed. In a preferred embodiment both core and cladding include X.sup.(2) materials poled to a non-centrosymmetric structure. Materials are selected so that the index difference between core and cladding remains relatively constant before ...

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The present invention provides a highly elongated member of substantially uniform cross-sectional configuration which is capable of improved service as a stiffening support in an optical fiber cable. Such elongated member is the product of melt extrusion through an appropriate orifice of a thermotro ...

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This invention provides a process for producing a transparent optical medium consisting of a liquid crystalline polymer which exhibits third order nonlinear optical response.