Hyacinth Sama Nwana, Lyndon Chi Hang Lee, Divine Tamajong Ndumu: Visualization in a modular software system. British Telecommunications, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, July 24, 2001: US06266805 (96 worldwide citation)

A community of collaborative software agents work together in a domain to provide functionality such as providing of communications services or control of a chemical process. A system is provided for building such communities of collaborative software agents. Each software agent has data concerning ...

Marc Johannes Theodorus Budie, Richard James Wilmot, Hyacinth Sama Nwana, Stephen James Shalliker: Television system. Patterson Thuente Skaar & Christensen Pa, April 13, 2006: US20060080721-A1

A television system comprising: one or more television sets, each with an associated local control unit; and a head end unit to which each local control unit is connected, the head end unit providing content for display on each television set; wherein each local control unit includes a channel map c ...

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