Hung Sheng Wen: Solar lighting device for garden or driveway. Cushman Darby & Cushman, May 30, 1989: US04835664 (41 worldwide citation)

A solar lighting device for garden or driveway according to this invention transforms solar energy into electric energy using a solar energy absorbing plate and stores the electric energy into an electric battery. A light sensor turns on the lighting circuit during dark hours. The solar lighting dev ...

Hung Sheng Wen: Sign of character and figure. Cushman Darby & Cushman, February 19, 1991: US04994941 (11 worldwide citation)

A sign of character and figure which, in addition to using the AC power supply, is particularly suitable for use with a solar energy means, comprising a solar cell for supplying the electrical energy converted from the solar energy; a battery means for receiving the electrical energy from the solar ...

Hung Sheng Wen: Three-way lamp assembly for automobiles. Ladas & Parry, October 11, 1988: US04777569 (9 worldwide citation)

A "three-way lamp assembly for automobiles" of the present invention which combines the functions of the third brake light, the parking and loading alarm light, and the in-compartment reading light of an automobile into a single assembly, consisting essentially of an upper cover, a lower housing, la ...

Hung Sheng Wen: Water proof structure for housing an outdoor sensor device. Bacon & Thomas, December 27, 1994: US05377076 (6 worldwide citation)

A housing for an outdoor sensor device may be pivotally connected to a cell seat for permitting the housing to be rotatably positioned and directed for detection. A rotatable arm for pivotally connecting the housing to the cell seat receives electric wires from the seat for connection to the sensor ...

Hung Sheng Wen, Chen Wei: Dynamic traffic information processing system of moving bus. Hung Sheng Wen, Chen Wei, October 1, 2006: TWI263175 (1 worldwide citation)

The dynamic traffic information processing system of moving bus in the invention utilizes the existing pubic computer network architecture along with the base stations of wireless network installed at bus stop to connect the dynamic information of moving buses with a bus management information cente ...


Hung Sheng Wen, Chen Wei, Chen Sheng: Parking status indication device. Hung Sheng Wen, Chen Wei, September 11, 2000: TW405104

The invention provides a parking status indication device, which receives the information provided by the server computer of the parking management information center, displays the parking status of the specific region onto the panel of the device, for the driver to obtain the relating parking infor ...

Hung Sheng Wen, Chen Wei, Chen Sheng: Timing parking charge system for credit card. Hung Sheng Wen, Chen Wei, December 11, 2000: TW414885

The present invention utilize the present commonly set-up cable-network to connect the local parking management with the parking management information center, and obtain the authorization information of credit card by internet connection and digital lease line. The local parking management provides ...


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