Hulka Jaroslav Fabian, Clemens George Selden: Surgical clip and applicator. Research Corporation, Stowell Harold L, May 13, 1975: US3882854 (267 worldwide citation)

A surgical clip, particularly adapted to produce necrosis in Fallopian tube tissue, consists of jaws hinged adjacent one end and a U-shaped spring which holds the jaws open in one position and exerts a closing pressure on the jaws in another position. The clip is particularly adapted to be applied t ...

Hulka Jaroslav Fabian: Controlling forceps. Research Corporation, Stowell Harold L, November 25, 1975: US3921641 (221 worldwide citation)

A uterine controlling forceps particularly useful for manipulation of the soft post-abortal or post-partum uterus during laparoscopic sterilization consists of a pair of tips gently curved to rise about 90.degree. to parallel side-by-side shank portions, a pair of generally rectilinear handle member ...

Meredith Hadyn Gwyn, Hulka Jaroslav Fabian: Foetal oxygen monitor. Rocket Of London, September 25, 1985: GB2155618-A (1 worldwide citation)

Oxygenation within the brain of a child being born is monitored by light, initially transmitted by a bundle of fiber optics in one channel of a catheter held to the baby's scalp by mild suction, the condition of the brain being monitored via reflected light from the brain transmitted through a light ...