James A Foschaar, Hugh L Garvin: Method for making topographic projections. Hughes Electronics Corporation, V D Duraiswamy, M W Sales, May 22, 2001: US06236445 (201 worldwide citation)

A method for producing topographic projections, especially useful for producing many small projections of less than about 100 &mgr;m in diameter and in height. This method is useful for making contact pads of membrane probes used to test integrated circuits and spacers of liquid crystal light valves ...

Hugh L Garvin, Amnon Yariv, Sasson Somekh: Process for fabricating small geometry semiconductive devices including integrated components. Hughes Aircraft Company, William J Bethurum, W H MacAllister, September 20, 1977: US04049944 (127 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a process for fabricating small geometry electronic devices, including a variety of integrated optical devices. The process includes the steps of holographically exposing a resist masking layer to a plurality of optical interference patterns in order to develop a masking pattern on the ...

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A 3-D IC chip assembly is formed from stacked substrates in which each individual substrate has a plurality of different IC chips retained in respective recesses. Conductive feedthroughs extend through the substrate from the side where the chips are located to the opposite side, with the chips elect ...

Hugh L Garvin, Douglas A Pinnow: High selectivity thin film polarizer. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert M Wallace, William H MacAllister, September 15, 1981: US04289381 (75 worldwide citation)

A thin film polarizer for dividing electromagnetic energy into two mutually orthogonal components with a high degree of selectivity. A plurality of wire grids having an interelement spacing of less than one wavelength is supported by a substrate of electrically insulative material. The substrate is ...

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Electrode surfaces are coated with a passivating material (silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide or titanium dioxide) or with a reflecting material (chromium or chromium and gold) or with a special alignment material (carbon) using standard vacuum sputtering, vacuum evaporation, electrodeposition, or chem ...

Willis H Smith Jr, Hugh L Garvin, Klaus Robinson, Leroy J Miller: Inducing tilted perpendicular alignment in liquid crystals. JVC Victor Company of Japan, Michael N Meller, April 15, 1997: US05620755 (30 worldwide citation)

A substrate (20) is treated prior to use to induce a near-perpendicular orientation of a liquid crystal director (26) relative to the substrate. A layer of silica (98) is deposited upon the substrate (20) by in-line magnetron sputtering as the substrate ( 20) is moved past the sputtering target (78) ...

Hugh L Garvin, Hayden M Leedy, Richard S Iwasaki: Ion beam micromachining method. Hughes Aircraft Company, Lewis B Sternfels, W H MacAllister, October 26, 1976: US03988564 (16 worldwide citation)

Millimeter-wave electronic devices are produced first by micromachining an epitaxial layer on a substrate wafer to a precise thickness by directing an ion beam over the epitaxial layer. Any bombardment damage is removed by a light chemical etch. Thereafter, an insulative layer with a mask is placed ...

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The present invention provides a method of preparing the surface of a lithium niobate substrate (10) having titanium optical waveguides (12) for a subsequent deposition of a coating material such as electrodes. This cleaning or etching step prior to the deposit of desired coating materials is accomp ...

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A reflector and method for fabricating diffraction gratings in reflectors comprises the steps of placing one or more layers (38, 56-64) of a dielectric reflective enhancing material on a reflective surface (34, 54), and forming grooves (40, 66) only in the top layer (38, 64) of the dielectric materi ...

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A process is provided for modifying a surface of a large area, non-planar substrate to form micro structures therein that alter its optical properties. The process includes forming the micro structures by reactive ion beam etching through a chosen pattern that has been prepared on the surface.