Irving J Higgins, Hugh A O Hill, Elliot V Plotkin: Sensor for components of a liquid mixture. Genetics International, October 8, 1985: US04545382 (769 worldwide citation)

A sensor electrode to detect one or more components in a liquid mixture comprises an electrically conductive material having at least an an external surface, the combination of an enzyme catalytic for a reaction of the desired component, and a mediator compound which transfers electrons from the enz ...

Hugh A O Hill, Irving J Higgins, James M McCann, Graham Davis: Strip electrode including screen printing of a single layer. MediSense, Fish & Richardson, April 23, 1996: US05509410 (747 worldwide citation)

A sensor system that detects a current representative of a compound in a liquid mixture features a two-electrode strip adapted for releasable attachment to signal readout circuitry. The strip comprises an elongated support (preferably flat) adapted for releasable attachment to the readout circuitry; ...

Irving J Higgins, Hugh A O Hill, Elliot V Plotkin: Sensor for components of a liquid mixture. Genetics International, December 8, 1987: US04711245 (692 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to equipment and methods for detecting the presence of, measuring the amount of, and/or monitoring the level of, one or more selected components in a liquid mixture, employing an electrode sensing system.

Hugh A O Hill, Susan I Libor: Electrochemical assay for nucleic acids and nucleic acid probes. Medisense, June 20, 1989: US04840893 (444 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses an assay for nucleic acid which comprises the steps of;

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A ligand in a sample can be assayed using electrochemical apparatus containing a working electrode and components comprising:

Graham Davis, Hugh A O Hill: Assay systems using more than one enzyme. Genetics International, July 19, 1988: US04758323 (396 worldwide citation)

This specification discloses methods of detection or measurement of an enzyme or of its specific substrate, and sensors used in such methods. The present invention is concerned with a multi-enzyme system, and the specification discloses, as one aspect of the invention a method of assay in which an e ...

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In a bioelectrochemical process in which the electrons are transferred directly, without use of a mediator, such as a redox dye or cofactor, between an electrode and an electroactive biological material, such as an enzyme or a protein, in either direction, rapid electron transfer has previously been ...

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There are provided processes for carrying out enzymatic reactions, especially processes for the oxidative or reductive transformation of organic compounds catalyzed by enzymes, in which the enzymes require a continuing supply of reducing equivalents to regenerate reduced enzyme species in enzymatica ...

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An electrode has a graphite surface at least part of which is an edge-plane graphite surface to which Cr(III) complexes are attached by surface C--O groups. The graphite can be polished pyrolytic graphite. The complex coverage can be 5-20%. The complex may comprise proteins, enzyme substrates, speci ...

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The invention disclosed relates to an electrochemical assay which is particularly concerned with an assay for the presence of, or amount of, glycosylated haemoglobin in a blood sample, but which extends to a general assay for detecting the presence of, monitoring the level of or determining the conc ...